Bad luck turned inside out

Guys get some snacks! I am going to tell you about one adventure I had while attending the OHM Meeting in Phoenix 2016. Teaser alert – it involves my car, a nice big dent and paintless dent repair job by Dent Removal Phoenix, llc! While now I can look back at it with a smile on my face, feelings during the ordeal were quite opposite.

I had decided to visit some family in Arizona, so decided to take a road trip with my car to the OHM Meeting in Phoenix 2016. I arrived in Phoenix the day before the meeting was to start, and since the weather was really hot, I decided to kill the time walking around and doing some shopping in one of the malls. Once done with the shopping and ready to go to my nice chilled hotel room, I find my car in the parking lot and with it – a nice, clearly noticeable dent on my cars front passenger door! Have a look for yourself!

dented passenger door

To say the least I was in shock. Of course my first thing to do is to call my husband. He was calm about it, and told that the only thing that needs to be done at the moment is to talk to our insurance agent, and that he would do it. A couple of minutes later he called back to say that the insurer was notified, and I could actually leave the accident spot, and the car would be taken care of once I return home. This last bit didn’t thrill either of us, and he suggested I talk to someone at the hotel’s reception maybe there is a shop that could repair my car while I attend the meeting.

Once at the hotel’s reception a really nice lady, to my greatest surprise, was actually able to help! She knew a very special company that repaired those sorts of dents, and other type of car damages like bumper dings and hail damage, with some new technique that took a fraction of the time and cost way less than regular repair jobs involving paintwork. She gave me the number and I called right away.

The company was Dent Removal Phoenix, and the technique they work with is paintless dent repair, and it actually is the preferred method to remove the type of dent my car had gotten. The owner of the company came over to the hotel to have a look at my car, and looking at it he explained that the paintless dent removal uses special tools to press out the dent from the back of the panel, then a special adhesive tool is used to pull the remaining ding out. Finally with yet another special tool the edges of the damaged area are tapped, and this leads to a perfect result that leaves no indication of the dent. Looking at my damage, he told me that the paintless dent removal job would take around 6 hours, and he would prefer to do it at his shop to stay out of the heat. We agreed he would pick the car up the next day and have it repaired while I was at the OHM Meeting. Things couldn’t not have worked out in a better way.

The next day, when I got to see my newly repaired car, I could not believe my eyes. There was completely no mark from the dent, the paintwork was perfectly intact! Here is the after pic!

door after paintless dent repair

So the thing I learnt, and want all of you to take a note of? If ever your car suffers from a dent, a ding, gets a damaged bumper, or is hit with hail damage, look for the closest repair shop offering paintless dent repair, and in case you are in Phoenix, definitely go for Dent Removal Phoenix, llc!