How to Fix Corrupted Emails with Chinese Characters

Problems with Chinese, Japanese or Cyrillic encoding are quite common. Some users were able to open text files with Chinese characters without any problems, but they seem to have been corrupted.

Some changes had to be made to prevent the text from displaying inconsistently. Here are the steps to fix the corrupted Chinese characters.

There are several ways to fix this problem. First, we recommend that you change the encoding to UTF-8 instead of the default. An alternative option is to copy the content and put it into an HTML file. After that, open the file in a browser and change the encoding to get the correct version of the text.

Remove other languages in Outlook

Open Outlook under Change Languages, click File> Preferences> Language>, see if another language is enabled, select it and click Remove.

This problem should be client side, not server side Also try reading the message in HTML format to see if you are experiencing the same problem.

Change the text format

You can change the text format of your response by clicking the File tab. Click Settings, then click Mail. Find the “Write in this message format” list. From the list, select Plain Text or HTML, then click OK. Another odd author character is Show Markup, a Word option that displays the usually invisible markers on the page that mark the beginning of paragraphs, spaces, and tab keys. Disable Show Markup by pressing Ctrl, Shift, and 8 at the same time.

Block foreign emails (with Chinese characters) in Outlook

To block all emails in Outlook that contain certain foreign characters, follow these steps:

  • Select an e-mail from the specified e-mail account and click Start> Junk Mail> Junk Mail Options.
  • In the Junk Mail Options dialog box, select the International tab and click the Blocked Encryption List button.
  • In the Blocked Encryption List dialog box, check the foreign languages that you want to block and click the OK button.
  • Click OK to close the Junk Mail Options dialog box.
  • From this point on, all incoming emails that contain the specified foreign characters in the specified email account will automatically be blocked.

Create a New Outlook Profile

Create a new email profile because your current Outlook profile may be corrupted and you will see strange characters in your email response.

Click “Start” or the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Click “Control Panel.” If you don’t see the Mail icon, double-click the Show 32-bit Control Panel icon. Click Mail, and the Mail Setup dialog box appears. Click Show Profiles. Click the General tab. Under “Use this profile when running Microsoft Office Outlook”, click “Suggest Use Profile”. Click on “Add.” Enter a new name for the email profile in the “Profile Name” text box and click “OK.” The Email Accounts dialog box will appear. Click “Add a new email account”, then “Next”. Select the server type for your new email account, then click “Next.” Enter your account information in the text boxes, then click “Next.” Click “Done” and then “OK” to finish creating the new Outlook profile.