Kerala Bride. What makes her special?

Meet the Kerala Bride

As you know, India like USA is land of many cultures and traditions, each of both has their own unique features. This time I want to speak with you about one particular tradition – weddings; not only the ceremonies and locations are very different, but also wedding outfits. And here I am not only speaking about the outfit of groom or bride, but guests, too. For instance, I bet You would not be able to distinct a Bengali bride from Tamil bride, even knowing that outfit belongs to an India culture. Every Indian bride wants to showcase her culture, clothing and jewelry. As I don’t have enough time to cover all bridal apparel, we’ll take a look at one particular – Kerala bride outfit and compare it to others.

Cassava, Kerala wedding attire and jewelry

Typically wedding dress distincts one Kerala bride from another. Some brides choose to have a red or yellow dress, but the most popular color is the white. White silk saree with golden edges are the most wanted attire among all Kerala women.

kerala jewelry

Jewelry for brides is usually crafted from gold and diamonds. Interestingly, the gold is more favorable than diamonds or any other gemstones. Kerala bride is poured off with gold to show the family wealth. The more the gold, the richer and powerful the women and her family. Jewelry set typically consists of many necklaces in different lengths, the shortest being closer to neck and the longest reaching her waist. They are supplemented with a modern design earrings and bracelets around the wrists.

The hairstyle and makeup

Usually brides hairstyle is a simple tail, in some occasions a plait. To make the look more complete and more appealing, hairdressers can add an artificial or genuine flower.

2 haircuts

Kerala women mostly choose a light, minimalistic makeup; heavy and vibrant look is not favorable. Each lady comes up with her unique style, there is no boundaries, but usually the end result is very natural and low profile. Favorite colors are pink, gold and light brown. All emphasis is on the dress and jewelry.

bride makeup

Little makeup and as much gold and gemstones makes it an interesting paradox. This feature makes them among the most interesting brides around the world – they have a special signature style and looks. Kerala bride with her refreshing look seems to contrast with the surroundings. But it’s the whole point to make the fiancee stand out, right?